Paper Lincoln: The Thousand Year-Loud Door is a parody of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.


  • Lincoln Loud: Mario
  • Clyde Mcbride: Luigi
  • Wilbur Huggins: Bowser
  • Scoots: Kammy Kooopa
  • Ronnie Anne Santiago: Princess Peach
  • Flip: Sir Grodus
  • Papa Wheelie: Lord Crump
  • Bratty Kid: Doopliss
  • Sue: Marilyn
  • Lola Loud: Beldam
  • Lisa Loud: Goombella
  • Rusty Spokes: Koops
  • Luna Loud: Flurrie
  • Lily Loud: Yoshi Kid
  • Lucy Loud: Vivian
  • Rocky Spokes: Admiral Bobbery
  • Lynn Loud: Ms. Mowz

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