Opposites is the fifth episode of Season 2.


Another anthology episode, this time about how it would look the Loud siblings if they have the opposite personality.       



Lola and Lana are in their room. They think how it would look their siblings and pets if they had the contrary personality.


First the twins analize Lori and Leni. They imagine Lori as a person who has a very simple personality. She only goes outside with her friends and nothing more. She even doesn't have a phone. In the case of Leni, both imagine her smart, with a PhD grade, but that don't cares anymore than science and studies.

Now we'll go with Luna and Luan. Luna is depicted like a silent person, that doesn't play music. Instead she writes a book of literature. Luan, in the other hand, is very funny due constantly has accidents, but she doesn't find it funny.

Lynn and Lucy have other things. Lynn doesn't interest too much in sports, she stills plays, but with mind games, and is sedentary. Lucy, in change, often paints and wears white, her eyes are visible, and she's very light.

Lincoln, in fact, doesn't change much. The only things that change are that he's less sedentary and doesn't like video games, he hates AARGH!! and doesn't hang with Clyde.

Next up are Lisa and Lily. Lisa has a normal treatment of a kid of her age. She lacks almost of intelligence. Lily did more than baby things, such talk properly, go to elementary school, and eat alone in a normal chair.

Finally the pets. They, well, talk like humans; they can do things and had opposites. Charles is lazy and sleepy and has the voice of Patrick Star, Cliff can do human things, and can talk normal and properly; he also has the voice of Squidward, Geo is intelligent and builds sculptures; he has the voice of SpongeBob, and Walt has a happy expression and has the voice of Mr. Krabs.


After reflexing all that changes, the twins note that they are yin-yang like. So both start doing their usual things.

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