Monopoliloud is the ninth episode of Season 4.


The Louds play Monopoly, but Lincoln... is rejected by the family.


Today is the second of two family game nights. After the previous experience, Lynn don't wants to play too extreme board games, more if Lincoln is present, following the punch-party he gave her. Because that, she wants to strenght her cerebral strategies.

Given she was treated some infairly by Lincoln in the previous episode, the family enters in consensus on letting Lynn chose the game. Lincoln nervous, thinking she was going to pick Divertilandia to get revenge on him; no. Results she picks Monopoly (the game with the upside down ₩) for testing her inteligence and astuce.

As there not enough tokens, only eight of the siblings play. The ones don't play are Lily (given she doesn't knows how), and Lincoln (which was suspended for the night).

After half hour, and twenty-five minutes in jail, Lynn is forced to exit. More because she already had bought all the properties, which leads to be rejected a little by the family for being a cheater.

Even Lincoln was suspended, at least he didn't cheat. But, even she was rejected by the rest, Lincoln in the bottom, knew about his error in the previous episode. So he decides forgive Lynn. At the right time when he is going to exit his room, Lynn is standing on the door, begging him to help her reconciliate with the family. Lincoln decides help her as way to forgive her.

Suspended, he goes with the family, not to play, but for giving an advice of he forgived Lynn and all is in the past. The family appreciates both have reconciliated. But the game is still on foot, and Lynn had cheated. So Lincoln tries to help Lynn for not playing dirty, and to fix her relationship with the family. Reset button magic incoming.

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