Missing in holiday is a special episode of The Loud House premiered in March 31, 2017.



The story begins when Lincoln won the trip to Honolulu, starting at last alone. So before leaving, inside the airport, Lincoln mistreats her sisters who have made fun of all the time and then they become sad and even rebuked by all citizens that Lincoln was right: they are the most stubborn and worst family in the world. The Loud Sisters are going away sadly and Lincoln happily go starting with the plane by the police officer added. But when the plane leaves, it runs out of gas and Lincoln launches the plane with a parachute, and deciding to come home from the sisters, now he feels guilty. Meanwhile, the Loud Sisters are much desperate, because upon hearing the news of which their brother was terribly missing, they feel really guilty and that they are truly the worst family in the world. So the sisters and Clyde are just looking for Lincoln. So the whole Royal Woods is thought to Lincoln, while the Loud Sisters are truly guilty. But after a while 'minutes, after having searched everywhere which it is not found anywhere, the Loud Sisters are very desperate and begin to get depressed: Lincoln was a really good brother to the family's honor. So they start to cry feeling the lack of their brother, but then do not know that Lincoln meanwhile, just back from them, to do silently a happy and joyful surprise. And when Lincoln greets them, the Loud Sisters rejoice super happily because their brother is alive and well, and so they hugging and kissing him. Lincoln asks forgiveness to her sisters that it was too hard on them. And they promise you always treat him well, and that the next time will start traveling together. The family is reunited and all is well that ends well.

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