Margaret Helen "Rita" Loud (née Vanderbilt) is a supporting character of The Luxurious Loud House. She is the mother of Richard Loud III and his sisters.


Margaret Helen Vanderbilt was born on March 2, 1977 as a member of the famous Vanderbilt family. She met Lynn Loud I as a young debutante at a dinner party in the Plaza Hotel and they fell in love. Rita moved to Royal Woods to be close to her boyfriend. During their dating, Rita converted to Roman Catholicism to marry Lynn. On June 20, 1998, Rita and Lynn Loud I married at St. Paul's Cathedral and they have 11 children:

Lorraine Vanderbilt "Lori" Loud (born March 15, 1999)

Leni Vanderbilt Loud (born April 18, 2000)

Luna Anne Loud (born February 18, 2001)

Luan Cornelia Loud (born March 31, 2002)

Lynn Vanderbilt Loud (born May 7, 2003)

Richard Lincoln Loud III (born February 1, 2005)

Lucille Claypoole "Lucy" Loud (born October 30, 2007)

Lana Vanderbilt Loud (born January 1, 2010)

Lola Vanderbilt Loud (born January 1, 2010)

Elizabeth Mary "Lisa" Loud (born July 3, 2012)

Lillian Louise Loud (born June 1, 2015)


Rita is caring towards her children, and very kind towards them. She and her husband act playfully toward each other just like her husband's seventh cousin and the latter's wife.


Rita wears a purple shirt with a white collar and white cuffs and wears purple pants. She wears blue eye shadow and has big blonde hair and lipstick and wears black slip on shoes, she wears a gold crucifix and a gold Rolex watch.