Lynn Richard Loud, known as Lynn Loud I, is a supporting character of The Luxurious Loud House and the father of Richard Loud III and his sisters. He is the Chairman and CEO of Loud Industries and the boss of his 7th cousin, Lynn Loud Sr. He is voiced by actor George Clooney.


Lynn Loud I was born on April 4, 1967 as the second oldest child and older son of Richard L. Loud Jr. and Lauren Loud (nee Walsh), and a member of the socially prominent Loud family. He was baptized as a Catholic later that year on April 20 at St. Paul's Cathedral by Cardinal Enzo Gabrielli, the Archbishop of Royal Woods, his godparents are his maternal grandparents, Alan Walsh and Alana Walsh. Lynn has some English, Irish, and German ancestry. When Lynn was about a year old, his grandfather, Richard Loud Sr. retired and his father, Richard Jr. took over as CEO. Like his father, Richard Jr., his grandfather, Richard Sr. and his great-grandfather, Alfred, Lynn I is athletic and played for a football team, the Royal Woods Roosters, and won five trophies. He was also part of the Royal Woods FC, a local soccer club that won him 4 trophies, his friends there included Jerome Cornheiser, Charles McBride, and Robert Santiago. Lynn I studied business in the University of Oxford in England from 1986 to 1990, and there, he enjoyed British culture himself. In 2000, his father, Richard Jr. retired and Lynn I succeeded him as Chairman and CEO of Loud Industries.

Eau de Loud and Loud Cosmetics

Sometime in 1994, Lynn I created a fragrance called the Eau de Loud, the fragrance became popular in the United States, and eventually, the whole world, earning Lynn I a staggering $2.5 billion. In 1995, Lynn I created a subsidiary for Loud Industries called Loud Cosmetics, which sells makeup, perfumes, fragrances, hair sprays, hair dyes, hair gels, and many more cosmetic products.

Marriage and children

In 1995, Lynn I traveled to New York City to attend a dinner party at the Plaza Hotel, and there, he met a debutante named Margaret Vanderbilt, who is 10 years his junior and is a direct descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt. They fell in love at the party, and had dated for three years. Rita converted to Catholicism sometime in 1998 shortly before their wedding. They married at the St. Paul's Cathedral in Royal Woods on June 20, 1998. They have 11 children:

Lorraine Vanderbilt "Lori" Loud (born March 15, 1999)

Leni Vanderbilt Loud (born April 18, 2000)

Anne Vanderbilt Loud (born February 18, 2001)

Cornelia Luan Loud (born March 31, 2002)

Lynn Vanderbilt Loud (born May 7, 2003)

Richard Lincoln Loud III (born February 1, 2005)

Lacey Claypoole Loud (born October 30, 2007)

Alana Vanderbilt Loud (born January 1, 2010)

Delores Vanderbilt "Lola" Loud (born January 1, 2010)

Elizabeth Mary "Lizzy" Loud (born July 3, 2012)

Lauren Louise Loud (born June 1, 2015)

Order of St. Sylvester

In 2003, as a reward for donating $1 billion to Catholic Charities USA, and $1 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Lynn Loud I was made a knight of the Order of Pope Saint Sylvester by Pope John Paul II. The order was named after Pope Sylvester I, and had been created in 1905 from the Order of the Golden Militia.

Friendship with Maria Santiago

Lynn R. Loud had met Maria Santiago in 1995, and they became friends. Lynn even stood godfather to Roberto and Ronnie Anne at their baptisms.


Lynn I is very loving and caring to his kids to the point of spoiling them with gifts and money. He is also very loving to his wife, Rita, and acts playfully romantic towards her. He shows nepotism by planning to have his son, Richard, and his daughter, Lori, take over his company should he either retire or die. Lynn I is also very authoritative and bossy to his employees and his business executives and is very business oriented when it comes to his corporation. Despite his bossiness towards his employees, he also displays a childlike side, sometimes taking part in his children's antics, and he also turns to his subordinates for advice when he needs to. He is also a devout Catholic, often seen praying to God.

Lynn I also enjoys jokes. Lynn I also enjoys Luan's funny jokes and puns, and is able to make his own that are also very funny. He also enjoys drinking wine: red wine, white wine, champagne, etc. and keeps a collection of wine in his room and in his home's basement, but he only drinks occasionally at social events.


Like Lynn Loud Sr. from The Loud House, Lynn Loud I also has brown hair that is thinning on the top, however, unlike The Loud House Lynn Sr., Lynn I wears a black suit with a green tie, and wears black dress shoes.

When he was younger, his hair was combed backwards.


  • He looks like the regular face from TLH Season 2 but, in Season 1, he shows his face.
  • He looks totally different from the TLH Version. But with the same face.
  • Out of his children, he is closest to Lori, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Richard, and Lana.
  • Lynn I has characteristics that some of his children inherited from him
    • Luna: Love for music, love for Mick Swagger, and British accent
    • Luan: Sense of humour
    • Lynn: Love of sports
    • Richard: Love of sports
  • It was revealed in One With The Christ, that Lynn I stood godfather to Roberto Jr. and Ronnie Anne Santiago at their baptisms.
  • Lynn R. Loud is similar to Rodrigo Borgia: Both are patriarchs of their respective families, both wanted to keep power and wealth in their families, both are nepotistic and both used bribery to either get what they want, or get their family members and family allies out of trouble. However, unlike Borgia, Lynn is no murderer and does not host orgies.


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