Lucy Loud is one of the main characters in the crossover series, Pokemon Royal Woods. She is trying to befriend lost and scared Pokemon.



Pokémon Information
Lucy's Pumpkaboo
Pumpkaboo is Lucy's favorite Pokemon. Lucy catches Pumpkaboo with the help of Lincoln in "Awake at Night". It almost evolves into Gourgeist in "The Missing Link", but it refuses to change.
Pokémon Information
Lucy's Umbreon
Lucy catches Umbreon as an Eevee in "The Nest". It evolves into Umbreon in "Nocturnal".
Eevee → Umbreon
Pokémon Information
Lucy's Phantump
Lucy catches Phantump in "Nocturnal".
Pokémon Information
Lucy's Mimikyu
Lucy catches Mimikyu in "The Teensy Doll".
Pokémon Information
Lucy's Toxapex
Lucy catches Toxapex as a Mareanie in "The Passive Predator". It evolves into Toxapex in "Trouble with the Tinies".
Mareanie → Toxapex
Pokémon Information
Lucy's Ribombee
Lucy catches Ribombee as a Cutiefly in "Little Pokemon, Big Feud" to break up Lola and Lana's fight over it. It evolves into Ribombee when fighting Totem Gumshoos in "Into the Sparkling Cavern, Part 3".
Cutiefly → Ribombee