"Lucy's Dream" is a fanmade episode of The Loud House.

Summary: When Lucy Casts a Spell on Great Grandma Harriet. Lucy got a blurry vision and she passed away. Then when she woke up. She was in the middle of nowhere. But in a graveyard and a castle. Then she met Great Grandma Harriet. But it got into a unexpected turn. Will Lucy Escape her dream or she will stay there until someone wakes her up.

Transcirpt: there's a Transcirpt in this episode but I can't link it. You have to search it up.


  • Lucy Loud (Major Role)
  • Great Grandma Harriet (Major Role)
  • Edwin (Major Role)
  • Supporting Characters:
  • Lincoln Loud (Supporting Role at the beginning.)
  • Lola Loud (Supporting Role at the ending.)
  • Bats
  • Characters who didn't appear in this episode but got mentioned (including dreams)
  • Lynn Sr Loud (Dad/ Mentioned)
  • Lori (mentioned)
  • Lana (mentioned/dream)