Lucas Alan Loud is a supporting character of The Luxurious Loud House. He is a United States Senator from Michigan, Lynn I's younger brother, and an uncle of the old money Loud kids.


Lucas was born on February 27, 1969, he is the second youngest child and younger son of Richard Loud Jr. He attended Harvard University from 1991-1995. Lucas then received a bachelor's degree, later a master's degree and later a law degree, becoming a successful lawyer. In 1997, he was building a case against the Castello crime family, which resulted in Don Ettore Castello ordering a hit on the young prosecutor. Lucas was shot in 1998 at a park and was taken to the hospital. He recovered from his wounds two weeks after the assassination attempt. He later entered politics in 2008 and became a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Michigan's 5th district, succeeding Dale Kildee. In 2014, Lucas announced that he will not be seeking a 4th term as Congressman as he will be running for the U.S. Senate against Terri Lynn Land. In 2015, Lucas was elected U.S. Senator from Michigan and was succeeded as Congressman from Michigan's 5th district by Dan Kildee.


Lucas is a Catholic who prays to God every single day. A respectful, God-fearing man, he attends church every Sunday. He is also a loving family man and is very caring. He is a typical politician who is very charismatic and calm in public places and is very excellent in elaborating plans. However, he is shown to have liberal views consistent with that of the Democratic Party.


Lucas has blonde hair with one side parting on the left side of his head and combed to the right side of his head. He wears a black suit with a black and white striped necktie and wears black dress shoes.


  • Lucas is based on Gary Peters, who in reality, is a U.S. Senator from Michigan.
  • Lucas is also similar to Pat Geary from The Godfather franchise, as they are both devout Christians and serve as U.S. Senators, however, unlike Geary, Lucas is not racist or xenophobic.