Loud Unknown is a Loud House spin-off. It focuses on Lincoln Loud, now revealed to be Lincoln London, trying to discover who he is after finding out that he is adopted. It takes place one year after the Loud House.

Crew of "Loud Unknown"

Ice Bear Phantom- Creator, Writer

RZF25- Writer

Characters of "Loud Unknown"

(Organized by family)

The Loud Family

Rita Loud- Mother of the Loud Family

Lynn Loud Sr.- Father of the Loud Family

Lori Loud- Eldest girl of the Loud Family; 18

Leni Loud- Second oldest; 17

Luna Loud- Third oldest; 16

Luan Loud- Fourth oldest; 15

Lynn Loud Jr.- Fifth oldest; 14

Lucy Loud- Fifth youngest; 9

Lana Loud- Older twin to Lola and fourth youngest; 7

Lola Loud- Younger twin to Lana and third youngest; 7

Lisa Loud- Second youngest; 5

Lily Loud- Youngest girl of the Loud Family; 2

The London Family

A rich family, from which Lincoln originates.

Bethany London- Mother

Richard London- Father

Alexander London- Oldest boy, twin to Andy, 16

Andy London- Oldest girl, twin to Alexander, 16

Georgette London- Female, 14

Harry London- Male, 13

Lincoln London- Male, 12

Freddie London- Female, 8

Bellatrix London- Female, 7

Daniel London- Male, 4

The Prim Family

A very elegant family and the next-door neighbors of the Londons, home to Lincoln's new friend, Peter.

Penelope Prim- Mother

Perry Prim- Father

Penelope Prim Jr.- Oldest girl, 17

Paisley Prim- Second oldest girl, 16

Pamela Prim- Third oldest girl, 15

Piper Prim- Fourth oldest girl, 14

Peyton Prim- Fifth oldest girl, 13

Peter Prim- Middle child, boy, 11

Paige Prim- Fifth youngest, 8

Pearl Prim- Older twin, fourth youngest, 6

Paloma Prim- Younger twin, third youngest, 6

Petra Prim- Second youngest, 4

Pauline Prim- Youngest, 15 months


Episode 1- The Secret

Lincoln discovers his adoption papers and demands answers.

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