1. Please Do It: Lola begs Lincoln to give her his video camera
  2. Math Worker: Lola takes her first math test.
  3. Pencil Me Less Or Greater: Lola learns about numbers that are less or greater.
  4. Freezer Snowier: The entire royal woods is freezing
  5. Brownie Maker: mom makes brownies
  6. Tobacco Mom: mom does tobacco
  7. Clean Your Teeth: Lola cleans her teeth
  8. Healthy Foods Lola eats healthy foods
  9. Cookiefied Lola eats too much cookies
  10. The Bowl Lola finds a bowl
  11. Gingerbread Kitter Lola guys gingerbread
  12. Conference Day Dad has a conference at work
  13. Mathier Testier Lola does another math test
  14. No Hotspots Or Anything there is no wi fi
  15. Snowed In royal woods gets a blizzard
  16. Freezy Icer it's cold outside
  17. Lolas Very Own Episode Lola borrows Lincoln's camera to make her very first episode
  18. Kinetic Lily Lily buys kinetic rock with moms credit card
  19. Pocket Racing Lynn buys pocket racers

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