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Lola Toons logo

Lola Toons
is a series created by MichaelWilemonTheMime and TheAnimatorCartoonistDude.


1: Lola's New Teacher

2: Lola's Sleepover With Lana

3: Lola and Lana's Reunion

4: Lola Practices.  

5: Lola Dies? (Spoiler alert: She doesn't. Otherwise it will end the series.)

6: Lola Drives The Car

Session 2 Coming December 23, 2016


1: Lola

2: Lana

3: Lincoln

4: Rita

5: Lynn Sr.

6: Lori

7: Lynn Jr.

8: Lucy

9: Clyde

10: Luan

11: Lily

12: Leni

13: Luna

14: Lisa

Lola Toons is an new series in The Loud House Fanon Wiki

Realized: The Loud House Fanon Wikia

Country found London

Created: September 2016

First episode: 2016

Last episode 2019

Creator: User:MichaelWilemonTheMime

Co-creator: User:TheAnimatorCartoonistDude

Logo designed by: User:TheAnimatorCartoonistDude

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