Lindsay Loud is the second oldest Loud sibling in The Deluxe Loud House. She is 18 years old.


Lindsay is a blonde, and wears true religion jeans, with a white dress up shirt, complete with a gold chain, with Jordan shoes.

Her sleeping clothes consists plaid pajama pants, and a sky blue T-shirt.

Her Halloween attire is a rapper.


Lindsay is the most defiant of the Loud Siblings, despite being in college. She also frequently butts heads with Lori and her older sibling Larissa about who has the most authority.

She is also quick to get into fights with her siblings, if somebody angers Lindsay, they will instantly see her wrath. It's almost like Lindsay is just as volatile as her two least favorite sisters.

She also enjoys setting Lola off, and has sometimes spray painted graffiti on Lola's pageant dresses, much to Lola's dismay.

She also is extremely aimless, as she doesn't want to go to university, it seems as if she just wants to sit down on the couch, watching T.V. with her homies, or doing stupid things with them.

Lastly, she frequently says "Yo Dawg" when addressing people. If she's cool with you, she'll call you G.

Like Lori, she tends to say legit and lowkey a lot, sometimes saying literally, but she hates Lori enough not to say Literally.

Cool Facts

  • Despite rap is Lindsay's favorite genre of music, she also listens to K-Pop with some punk rock, and techno
  • Her favorite song of all time is either Made you look by Nas or Callisto by Reso
  • She loves to anger Lori and Lola the most, because most of the time, they probably won't do anything about Lindsay