Lincoln Loud is the main character and protagonist of The Loud House: Gender Mix


At 11 years old, Lincoln is the middle child of the family. Lincoln has a taste for comic books and films, he usually explains to the viewers the chaotic situations he has to face through and how he finds solutions to them.


Lincoln is an enthusiastic and cheerful boy. He is generally caring to his sisters, but can sometimes be selfish towards others. Lincoln usually tends to satisfy their family in situations of needs.

He is usually seen as 'the man with the plan' and finds solutions to his siblings chaotic situations.


Lincoln is seen with an orange polo shirt, with jeans and white sports shoes with red stripes. He has white hair and a large and small tuft. He also has freckles on his face and a chipped front tooth.

When he is reading comic books, he usually wears red or white underwear with no other clothing.


Differences between Lincoln Loud (from the Loud House) and Lincoln Loud (from this series):

No difference has yet been seen.