During the episode Linc or Swim Leni and Lori were sitting in Lincoln's paddling pool. Leni was drinking a glass of punch with a straw while staring vacantly. Suddenly BlueKraid walked past in his brightly coloured swimming trunks, as soon as he saw Leni staring like that, he snickered trying to stifle a laugh but he lost control and bursted out laughing.

"What's he laughing at?" Lori asked as BlueKraid was now rolling on the floor in hysterics.

"Oh Hahahaha! Huuuh! Oh I think I may have pulled a muscle... Oh... Now I have the perfect idea for my Wikia avatar, hold still!" BlueKraid struggled to stop laughing as he took a picture of Leni.

He then went home to upload and use it as his Wikia icon. Once Ripto saw it he also bursted out laughing.

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