Leni Loud's Guide To Like, Survival In The Loud House is a spin-off series based on The Loud House.


XStarfirie: Creator, Writer, Title Card Creator

Main Characters

Leni Loud

Leni is the main protagonist of the series. She is your stereotypical dumb blonde, but despite that, she is still kind and loving towards others. She loves shopping at the mall for fashion, specifically in style clothing.

Lincoln Loud

At eleven years old, Lincoln is Leni's younger brother. He likes to read comics and make well thought out plans. Despite being the only boy in the house besides his dad, Leni still loves him as a brother very much.

Lori Loud

At seventeen years old, Lori is Leni's older sister. Although Lori can be bossy and rude, she's also very kind and considerate. She cares for all of siblings, though it isn't shown too much. Leni definitely loves Lori as a sister and loves to do girly activities with her.

Luna Loud

At fifteen years old, Luna is one of Leni's younger sisters. Luna loves rock and roll and constantly plays on her electric or acoustic guitar. Despite not having too many interactions with Luna, Leni still loves her as a sister.

Luan Loud

At fourteen years old, Luan is another one of Leni's younger sisters. Luan loves rather bad puns –something she inherited from her father– and elaborate pranks. Leni and Luan agree with each other on some occasions and love each other –as sisters– very much.

Lynn Loud

At thirteen years old, Lynn is another one of Leni's younger sisters. Lynn, in contrast to Leni, enjoys playing sports. She's proficient at probably every sport known to man! Although Leni and are different, that doesn't change their sibling bond.

Lucy Loud

Lana Loud

Lola Loud

Lisa Loud

Lily Loud

Secondary Characters

Riley Stevens

Sophie Vasquez

Brooke Cage

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