Lend Lease Bro is a special episode of The Loud House premiered in March 2, 2017.



The story beging when a boy and girl named Charlie and Katie moves in next door. So Lincoln runs away from home forever giving for a lifetime blame her sisters from across Royal Woods. So over to Charlie and Katie's place until Charlie and Katie gets Lincoln of his own and Lincoln has always wanted a good big brother and a good sister most beautiful than his sisters. So Lincoln live alone with Charlie and Katie forever and that is beautiful day of his life. However, often Lincoln begin enjoying their stay, all the while the Loud Sisters, desperately, begins feeling lonesome.

  • Lori: "Do you natterally want to live in a atmosphere of love and affection with your good, kind and beautiful sisters, Lincoln, little bro? Or, uh, do you wanna, pardon the expression, like, live with..."
  • Lincoln (pointing to Charlie and Katie) : "Them!!"

The Loud Sisters: "What??"

  • Luna: "But but but why, Bro? Oh please. We do not accept that. (points at Charlie and Katie) You never cares for our bro. Please please."

Everyone later comes to a compromise and the Loud Sisters start to crying that Lincoln not want come back. At that moment, the most pathetic boy walks into the scene and feebly moans that no one wants him and he’s never had a home. Lincoln decided to back from his sisters and suggests Charlie and Katie to take home the pathetic boy at Charlie and Katie. The story concludes with Lincoln that is forgiven by his sisters that hugging and kissing him, and they were only having fun with him and they’d never leave him, while the pathetic boy hugs Charlie and Katie going in the other direction. Finally, Lincoln come back happily in the home with his sisters.

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