Leniere Vanderbilt "Lena" Loud is a main character of The Luxurious Loud House.


Lena was born on April 18, 2000, at 17 years old (formerly 16), she is the second oldest child of Lynn R. Loud and Rita Loud. She is intelligent and very worldly unlike The Loud House version of herself. Her most annoying habit is saying "like", which can annoy her siblings sometimes.


Lena is very easy going and happy go lucky like her eighth cousin, Leni. Despite being carefree and easy going, she is much more intelligent and has an abundance of awareness, this personality is shown when she said she has a driver's license and drives a Ford Mustang GT, this is probably because she is able to drive and had passed a driver's test. She is shown to be skilled in acting and fashion designing, and she usually plays dumb blonde characters as an actress. She starred in a horror film called The Harvester, a film about a farmer turned serial killer. She is very compassionate towards her family, and the kindest, getting along very well with her siblings.


Lena has long pale blonde hair with side-swept bangs, and she is nearly as tall as Lori and has visible breasts, and she wears a frilled seafoam green dress, and has a pair of white sunglasses on top of her head, however, unlike Lena, she wears gold hoop earrings rather than red hoop earrings.