Lauren Walsh Loud is a recurring character of The Luxurious Loud House. She is the grandmother of the old money Loud kids, the mother of Lynn Loud I and Lucas Loud, and Richard Loud Jr.'s wife.


Lauren Walsh was born on May 2, 1933 in Royal Woods to Alan Walsh and Alana Walsh. The Walsh family are wealthy Irish-Americans and own a company called Walsh Media Incorporated. She met Richard Loud Jr. when she was a baby. They started dating in 1947, and they married in 1962 at St. Paul's Cathedral, the marriage ceremony was presided over by Archbishop Enzo Gabrielli.


Lauren is an elderly woman with short grey hair and wrinkles on her face, she wears a red dress, white pearl necklace, a gold diamond ring on a finger of her right hand, gold earrings, and brown high-heeled shoes. In her younger years, she had long blonde hair that is worn down.