• Lori is the only Loud member who Lance NEVER, EVER gets along with although she was trying to show him otherwise
  • Lola was the first enemy that Lance encountered but sometimes they help each other out and usually it turns out great
  • Lance gets a little bouncy when he sees both Luan and Leni
  • Lance and Luna love to rock and even plans to make a music video with her
  • Lincoln sometimes comes to him when he needs a little guy time
  • Lance is 19 years old. His birthdate is not revealed yet but was born in 1997. Which makes him the second oldest.
  • Lance's somewhat annoying habits are being mean to Lori, Pranking Lori out of vengeance and threatening back at Lola (although he mostly gets along with her)
  • Lance is overprotective of Lincoln, when his sisters threaten him, he threatens them back.
  • Lance got the nickname "Bigshot" next being a hard working cousin to Lincoln, He's one of the Richest Louds in the family