Lance Loud is a cousin to Lincoln Loud and is a very best friend to Levi and Louis Loud. Lance Loud is voiced by Jason Pleasant 
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Lance "Bigshot" Loud


Lance in most cases is usually a fun-loving guy espcially when Luna. Leni and Luan come in contact with him. The only downside is that he has a little bit of an anger problem. When He sees Lincoln being insulted by Lori or when Lola threatens him into doing something, Lance gets back at either both of them or one at a time and some cases gives them tickle tortures


  • Music
  • Playing Video Games
  • Making Videos
  • Dancing
  • Pizza
  • Coffee (mostly in the morning)
  • Waffles
  • Pancakes
  • Green Beans
  • Playing guitar
  • Tickling some of the Louds

Loud Likes

  • Luan
  • Luna
  • Leni
  • Lincoln
  • Levi
  • Louis
  • Lori (at times)


  • Stinky Smells
  • Seeing Lincoln being tortured, threatened or insulted
  • Lori caring about only herself
  • Goth Stories (Too Dark for him)
  • Getting Pranked (sometimes)

Loud Dislikes

  • Lori (at times)
  • Lola (at some times)

Tickle Times

Louds who got tickled by Lance

  • Leni (Mostly)
  • Lola
  • Luan
  • Lori (sometimes)
  • Lincoln

Louds who Tickled Lance

  • Leni
  • Lola
  • Luan


  • Lori is the only Loud member who Lance NEVER, EVER gets along with although she was trying to show him otherwise
  • Lola was the first enemy that Lance encountered but sometimes they help each other out and usually it turns out great
  • Lance gets a little bouncy when he sees both Luan and Leni
  • Lance and Luna love to rock and even plans to make a music video with her
  • Lincoln sometimes comes to him when he needs a little guy time
  • Lance is 19 years old. His birthdate is not revealed yet but was born in 1997. Which makes him the second oldest.
  • Lance's somewhat annoying habits are being mean to Lori, Pranking Lori out of vengeance and threatening back at Lola (although he mostly gets along with her)
  • Lance is overprotective of Lincoln, when his sisters threaten him, he threatens them back.
  • Lance got the nickname "Bigshot" next being a hard working cousin to Lincoln, He's one of the Richest Louds in the family


To Lincoln

  • I know right
  • dude
  • I don't think that's a good idea
  • Hey Lincolnantor!

To Leni

  • Oh Leni!
  • [Laughing] LENI!
  • Hold on there Sweet Blonde
  • It's okay Lenn, I got your back
  • Oh Leni
  • See ya sweetie

To Luan

  • You surely know how to make me laugh girl
  • This is gold
  • That makes a lot of SENSE to me (5 senses pun)
  • Let's CLOWN IT UP!

To Luna

  • Shred Off?
  • Alright Luna, Time to shred it up
  • Give me some Guitar!
  • You better Play that Git-fiddle!......It means "Guitar"

To Lori

  • Oh How cute. Ms Lori Loud and her ghetto shop
  • Oh would you Please
  • DON'T! Think about it missy!
  • Too Bad, So Sad, You're Mad and I'm Glad
  • Mess with Lincoln and you're messing with me
  • [sighs] Fine! [Grits teeth] We'll work together
  • [Growls] LORIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Lola

  • Lola Come out here for a sec
  • Work the camera!
  • Strut your stuff girl!
  • Take it easy Lola. let's not go to Madsville here
  • Drop the threat or THE MIRROR GETS IT!
  • Sorry little princess
  • DON'T............You think you should be heading to the pageant by now?

To Lucy

  • Lucy. [Grits teeth] I asked you to stop doing that

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