Lori, Leni and Lola discovers Lance's dancing and enters him in a dance contest



[The Loud House outdoor veiw - front - music is blasting]

Lincoln: I guess you're wondering why the music is so loud. It's because we're having a dance party [Shouting] AND LUNA'S ROCKING OUT!

[Song ends and everyone cheers]


Lincoln: and this is the next best part [cuts to inside] now that we got Lance and Louis as our nextdoor neighbors, We can catch a few pizzas from time to time

Lynn: HEADS UP! [Toss slice to Lance]

[Lincoln Catches slice with his mouth]

Luan: Talk about Greasy Gridiron Glory [Laughs]

Luna: Hey as anyone seen Lance around

[They all shrug]

Lola: [Excited] GUYS! GUYS! There's going to be a dance contest down at the Park

Lori: [Gasps], are Boyz Will Be Boyz be there


Lola: Yes and judges

[Lori and Luna scream in excitement]

Lola: and the winner can bring one or more guests to one of their concerts and....BACKSTAGE PASSES!

[everyone screams in excitement and Lance walks in]

Lance: .............That wasn't me was it?

Leni: LANCE! [Runs up to Lance and Hugs him]

Lance: D'OH! Heyyyy Leni what's with all the squeazing and squishing?

Lynn: A better question would be "Where were you?"

Lance: Well I was out on a grocery shopping spree to get more food because [Looks to Luan] "somebody" used most of it for her practical jokes; and that's no phony baloney

Luan: [Picks up banana peel] guess I must have overlooked the A-PEEL [Laughs] get it?

Lola: Anyway, did you hear about the...

Lance: [Interrupts] Dance contest? Yeah everybody's going crazy for it. Too bad I can't dance [Sighs]

Lincoln: [whispers to the viewers] Secretly, Lance can dance really well. He's just afraid that if my sisters find out, they might laugh at him

Chp. 2 - Lance CAN Dance after all

[Lori was the first to get up in the morning]

Lori: [Yawns, Smiles, blow dries her hair until she hears music]...what is literally going on? [goes downstairs]

[Lori's eyes widen in shock]

Lance: [To himself] No, no, no. That's not right

[Lori hides and peeks at Lance when Leni comes down]

Leni: Hey Lori

Lori: Shhhh!

Leni: [Whispers] why are you spying on Lance? [GASPS]! Is he actually some stalker to get our attention?

Lori: [Whispering] No. I kinda discovered that he can dance after all

Leni: [Whispering] So Lance is a dancing stalker?

[Lori facepalms]

Lola: [comes downstairs rubbing her eyes] can someone please tell me why I can't....[GASPS]....believe that Lance can dance so beautifully?

Lance: Okay let me try again

[Music starts playing]

[Lance begins to dance]

[2 hours later - the loud meeting/club]

Lori: ......and then, he literally did a backflip and landed perfectly!

Other Louds: oooooooh

Luna: Wow that dude can really dance after all

Luan: Looks like Lance can put a ring on it for sure [Laughs] get it?

Lori: But Lance is not a single lady

[record scratch]

Luan: ......Point taken

[Lincoln, Lance and Louis come downstairs]

Lana: Here they come

Lori: Okay. Not a peep of what we saw

[All nod then glance at Leni]

Leni: ...........What? Do I have something on my face!? GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF ME!

Lori: [Holds Leni's Mouth] Just....don't say a word..To Lance

Leni: Mmm-hmm

Lance: Who's up for swimming?

Lynn: I thought we were banned from every pool

Lori: Unless you paid to get us back in

Lance: Who's says we're going to a different swimming pool when we can use mine?

Lori: ...............I literally need to change my clothes [Dashes off screen]

[Other Louds shrug, then dash off with a smile]

Lance, Louis and Lincoln: Works every time

Chp. 3 - Pool Party

[All the Louds are at the pool]

Luan: Marco!

Leni: Marco!

Luan: No Leni, I'm Marco, you're Polo

Leni: Then who's Leni?

Lori: ...............Seriously?



[Everyone laughs]

Lance: Close you're eyes young ones cause YOU'RE ABOUT TO GET TICKLED!

[Lance Tickles Lola and Lana and they laugh]


Lana: [LAUGHING] Please! Stop! I Can't Take it anymore!

[Stops tickling and they sigh]

Lance: [Bouncing] I feel something bouncy in here?

Lori: It's literally just the water Lance.

Lance: No. I mean....trampoline like bouncy

Lola and Lana: Oops....Our bouncers.....Sorry Lance

Lance: Awww that's okay. What were they doing here anyway?

Lynn: OOH! OHH! OHH! I remember. We had those at Lori's wild party!

Lori: Oh I literally remember that night. We had a race with those

Lynn: and I want a rematch!

Lori: Bring it

Lincoln: ON YOUR MARK........GET SET........GO!

[Everybody cheering]

Lynn: Incoming!

Lori: No way!

Lynn: Time for some major air [BOUNCES HIGH] YEEE HAW!

Lori: Nice one Let me try [BOUNCES HIGH] Ally-oop! [CROSSES THE FINISH LINE]


[Everybody cheering for Lori]

Lynn: Great race Lori. You were great

Lori: You to

Lola: We'll put these away for another time

Lance: as a matter of fact, we should ALL head inside it's getting late

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