Lana toons

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Lana Toons is a spinoff of The Loud House. It's made by Sumo Corp.  

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Main Characters

  • Lana Loud is a 6-year old girl who mostly acts like a boy.
  • Izzy is Lana's pet lizard after Lola buried Symour (Lana's old frog).
  • Lincoln Loud is Lana's older and only brother who interacts with Lana and hangs out with Clyde McBride.

Supporting Characters

  • Clyde McBride Lincoln's best friend.
  • Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, Lisa and Lily Loud Lana and Lincoln's nine sisters which never talk to Lana very often,but Lana and Lola share a room.
  • Lynn Sr. Lana's dad.
  • Rita Loud Lana's Mom
  • Mak The school bully.


Season 1(July 29,2016-October 8,2016)

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Season 2 (December 29 2016-2017)


Lana thinks Izzy needs a red collar.


On May 27,2017 the creator (DcjCrendle) announced that the show would be cancelled and the reason for cancelation would be announced at a later time.



  • July 22:Lana Toons is announced.
  • July 29:Lana Toons is premiered.
  • September 17:NEW Lana Toons episodes move to Saturdays.
  • October 8,2016:Season 1 finale
  • December 29,2016:Season 2 preimere.
  • May 27,2017 Announcement for cancelation.