Lana Loud is one of the main characters in Pokemon Royal Woods. She is a caretaker of wild Pokemon. 



Pokémon Information
Lana's Butterfree
Lana catches Butterfree as a Caterpie in "Bug Catcher Lana". It evolves into Metapod in "The Evolution" and evolves again into Butterfree in "Pecking Order".
Caterpie → Metapod → Butterfree
Pokémon Information
Lana's Leafeon
Lana catches Leafeon as an Eevee in "The Nest". It evolves into Leafeon in "Hidden Formations".
Eevee → Leafeon
Pokémon Information
Lana's Noctowl
Lana meets Noctowl as a Hoothoot in "The Woodland". It evolves into Noctowl and is captured by Lana in the same episode.
Hoothoot → Noctowl
Pokémon Information
Lana's Ninetales
Lana's Ninetales, Vulcan, was caught as a Vulpix in "Mirror Matched". It evolved with a Fire Stone in the beginning of "The Evolution of Discoveries".
Vulpix → Ninetales (Vulcan)
Pokémon Information
Lana's Oricorio
Lana catches Oricorio in "Change in the Flowers". It is currently in its Baile Style.
Oricorio (Baile Style)
Pokémon Information
Lana's Dartrix
Lana catches Dartrix as a Rowlet in "Return to the Woods". It evolves into Dartrix in "The Twins' Double Trouble".
Rowlet → Dartrix
Pokémon Information
Lana's Alolan Dugtrio
Lana catches her Alolan Dugtrio as a Diglett in "Shockwave". It evolves in the episode, "Evolving in Style".
Diglett → Dugtrio