Lacey Claypoole Loud is a main character of The Luxurious Loud House.


Lucy Loud was born on October 30, 2008. At 8 years old (formerly 7), she is the fifth youngest of Lynn R. Loud and Rita Loud, and is the oldest of Richard's five younger sisters. Her most annoying habit is popping up and scaring people. Along with Lisa, she is the quietest out of all the wealthy Loud siblings.


Like The Loud House version of herself, Lacey is a gloomy and mysterious goth girl who sometimes sports a stoic frown. She is also interested in poetry, and the works of Gothic authors, and has an uncanny ability to teleport and scare her siblings, especially Richard. However, unlike her eighth cousin, Lucy, Lacey is more religious and is a devout Catholic. She has a huge interest in the Bible, and is loving to God and the latter's son, Jesus Christ. She serves as an altar girl at St. Paul's Cathedral. Lucy also smiles from time to time and is also compassionate towards her siblings.


Like Lucy, Lacey has almost chalk-white skin and has long black hair that conceals her eyes. She also dresses in black and white, having black and white sleeves and knee socks, a black dress, and black shoes. However, unlike Lucy, Lacey wears a wooden crucifix, which illustrates her love for Christ.