Joseph Francis John Martinez Ferdinand Santiago is a supporting character of The Luxurious Loud House. He is a Catholic priest, the older brother of Robert Santiago Sr., the younger brother of Michael and an uncle of Robert Jr. and Veronica. He lives in an apartment building.


Early life

Joseph Santiago was born on April 7, 1966 in Acapulco, Mexico. In 1970, he and his family immigrated into the United States and settled in Royal Woods, Michigan. During his childhood, he learned to love God and also learned about Jesus Christ.


Sometime in 1986, Santiago was ordained a priest by the Archbishop of Royal Woods at the time, Benjamin Paulsen. Since then, he preaches the Jewish scriptures and the Gospel. He also preaches books of the bible written about Jesus besides the Gospel itself, including the Book of Revelation.


On April 30, 2012, Joseph's father, Alejandro, died, and Joseph inherited 1/6 of his father's fortune, which is $107.8 million.


Joseph, as a catholic priest, is a very religious and humble man. He is devoted to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and is shown to be very kindhearted to other people. He loves his brothers and their children, and is very caring towards them.


Joseph is a Hispanic male. He has black hair combed backwards, and has a moustache, he wears a black clerical robe with a white clerical collar, a wooden pectoral cross and a cassock that covers up to his feet, and wears black dress shoes. His long sleeves make his arms seem "big". When he is in a mass, he wears a white clerical robe with a green fascia with a yellow cross on each side.