I'm Not Funny is the 5th episode of The Marvelous Adventures of Luna and Luan.


Luna tells a joke which her whole family finds funny, causing Luan to feel replaced as the family clown.


Luan is telling jokes to her family, which as usual only gets groans from her family. Sick of it, Luan tells her siblings that none of them could do it, and after trying, 9 siblings really couldn't. Luna refuses to because Luan is probably right, after being convinced by her siblings to try, Luna makes a joke about soda which everyone laughs at.

Luna wastes no time to tell Luan that she's a better comedian, and rubs it in other ways as well. Luna then says the same joke and gets a lot of laughs from her siblings again. Luan feels sad and wonders what she'll do now that she isn't the funny one anymore. Luan tries fishing, cooking, cheerleading, and art, but can't do any of the following correctly.

Luan sees Luna getting laughs from her siblings, walks into her room sadly, and remembers the times when she actually got laughs from her siblings. Realizing she can still do comedy with Luna by her side, decides to go down and ask Luna to be partners with her.

Luan comes downstairs and sees Luna reuse the soda joke from earlier only to get groans, trying out new material also gets her groans from her siblings. Luna realizes she's dying in front her audience, and is almost in tears. Luan decides to jump in and save her sister, and she actually gets her family to laugh.

Luna then apologizes to Luan for how she treated her, and Luan forgives her. Later they're performing, with Luna providing the music, and the episode ends.