Home Alone is the fifth episode of season one


When the Loud girls go to the clinic, and Dad goes to work, Lincoln gets the entire house for himself.


It's women day at the clinic, and Mom takes the girls for making them a checkup. Some minutes later, Dad tells Lincoln, that he needs to work, so Lincoln as 'the man of the house' must protect the house of being in ruins. Lincoln agrees with the responsability, and when Dad is gone, he closes the door. At first the house is empty, but Lincoln receives a call from Clyde, which advices him he's coming to the house. Lincoln says its ok, but they don't make too much noise, because his dad told him they don't destroy the house. Clyde arrives, and he promises that wouldn't destroy the house. First they make a revision, all its ok. Clyde asks why Lincoln is the only in the house. Lincoln answers the situation. When he finishes, both play a quick round of videogames. But the things start complicate when Lincoln's friends arrive in the house. After the events of "The Green House" Lincoln dudates if leave his friends to enter or not in the house. But when he notices there's no contest, he leaves them enter. Suddenly, a robber in the neighborhood tries to enter in the house, and the boys are not prepared. So they grab some kitchen items and stand back to the door, only to hear someone entering in the back door. The robber grabs food, stuff, etc. When he tries to go to the upper floor, the boys follow him. First they separate to enter to the sisters' rooms. The robber has attacked there, only to be surprised at Lincoln's room. Lincoln enter to confront the robber, as he remembers the survival tricks from "Roughin' It". He beats the robber, and he receives a call from Mom, advicing him they are coming to home. The friends try to clean fast and hide the robber in Lincoln's room. When the guys are gone, the girls arrive, and they are surprised to Lincoln, who had the house in one piece. They notice a noise in upper floor, Lincoln goes to check (altough he already knows what is). All are surprised to Lincoln, who had beaten the robber by his count. But he reveals he hasn't beaten the robber alone, only with a little help of his friends. They send a call to the Lincoln's friends to congrat them of beating the robber. The episode ends with Lincoln pulling the robber to the trash.

The New Loud House
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