Heavenly Prankster is the twenty-eighth episode of Season 2.


Luan goes to the heaven, when she would had gone to hell. She asks for an opportunity to apologize to her siblings, but it's difficult for her to endure.


It's December 28, (April Fools, in december, yes, it's real). Another day to ruin people's life pranking them. Luan knows this, so approaches it to the max, doing pranks to her siblings.

Because Lincoln and the sisters didn't know of December 28 prank day, they were not prepared, so Luan approached to make heavy pranks to them, like filling her and Luna's room in jelly, pasting sticky notes in every wall of Lynn-Lucy's, spray sugar in every surface of Lori-Leni's one, putting a giant stone in Lincoln's one, and filling Lisa-Lily's with TNT. Altough when she fires on the wick, she was inside the room. So when the TNT exploded, she died.

Due a detour in the bus to hell, all the people who were there, got to heaven, including Luan. Once there, God asked to the angels why Luan was there, when she must got with Satan. Before God sended her to hell, Luan asked for a second chance, to apologize for her jokes. God, as being the 'most perfect' person in universe, gived her a second chance.

Back in Earth, Luan reflexed about God said her, altough with the revival, Luan started reflexing about apologizing, or not (made by the personifications on the title card. More info below). Angel Lana tried to convince her to apologize, but Devil Lola tried to her make more pranks. At first Luan decided to follow Devil Lola's advice, and started to make more pranks. But she reminded God's warning, and stopped.

Eventually, she dediced to apologize, but was hard to make it, and instead, she maked puns, humilliating the family. Looking at this, God sent her back to heaven, replying her why she didn't sorried. Luan said that it was part of her nature, and the thing of you can't change one's personality. God understanded this, and sent her back to Earth. But he applied her a curse. This had effect in 70 years, when all of the Louds died, except Luan. The curse consisted in that Luan couldn't die, so she will be alive FOREVER.


  • This episode has another title card without Lincoln, but Luan, Lana and Lola.The others two are"Normal Kid"and"Sorry, But I Can't".
  • In the title card, Luan appears with a ring above her head implying she died. At her sides appear Lana, as an angel, and Lola, as a devil.
  • The bus can be a parody from"Heavenly Puss"from Tom and Jerry.
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