Haunted is the 3rd episode of The Marvelous Adventures of Luna and Luan.


In an attempt to figure out who is braver, Luna and Luan have a competition to see who can stay in a haunted house the longest.


It's Thursday night, and Luna and Luan hear a scream of horror come from the living room. This turns out to be Lincoln screaming at a horror movie. Luna and Luan tease him, when he reminds them that they are also scaredy-cats. They admit to this, but both claim to be braver than Lincoln, and each thinks that they're braver than the other. Lincoln tries to see who is braver through a competition.

First Lincoln sees who will scream first at a horror movie, but both scream at the exact same parts. Luan goes to bed while Luna is asleep on the couch, so Lincoln's second challenge is performing a jump-scare on each of them, and see who takes it better. Lincoln does so, and ends up scaring each of them senseless. Friday morning comes and the girls are frozen in fear, and Lincoln processes the data from all 11 events, and tells them that neither is braver as they tied on all 11 rounds. Luna and Luan, who were unaware of the contest, are furious at Lincoln for scaring them so much. Lincoln reminds them that it was to see who's braver, not to play any mean prank on them, and anxious to find out whose braver once and for all, they have one final round. The competition is to see who can stay in an alleged haunted house the longest.

So Friday after school, the Girls pack their stuff and set out for the haunted house. Lincoln asks if he can go, but they say no, because he is a scared little baby who will leave almost immediately, and they leave laughing at that statement. Once there, both are incredibly terrified, but refuse to show it. After an hour in the house, weird things start to happen, like Luan's whoopee cushion going off when no one was sitting on it, and Luna's guitar making magical music while the 2 of them are in the living room. After more time, both are so creeped out that they go to bed, but Luan is awakened to see a ghost hovering over her, and awakens her sister to see the same ghost.

Petrified in fear, Luna and Luan pack up, and run from the house as fast as possible. When they are finally back at their house, each states that they don't care whose braver, and hug. Then back at the haunted house, we see the ghost was just Lincoln projecting an image through the window, he then laughs and walks away claiming he got his revenge, ending the episode.