1. Blood Bath: Lucy takes a blood bath and she gets into killing people. 
  2. Bloody Froggy: Lana's frog, Hops, kills people now.
  3. Can't Stop Spooky Stories: Lucy tells scary stories that come true.
  4. Eyes Cold Lemonade: Luan and Lola make a lemonade stand, but they get a little out of hand with eyes as lemoms
  5. Is This Your Knife?: Knives get a little out of hand.
  6. Banjo Frenzy: Lumpy kills Lincoln, Luna, Lynn, and Lucy with his banjo.
  7. How It All Works: Working with toolbox gets a little out of hand.
  8. Pizzas Stupid: Pizza Slicer gets out of control
  9. A Hike With Blood: Getting killed on a hike