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Freakzoid! in Royal Woods
is a TV Series's Warner Bros Fan Made Based in The Loud House and Freakzoid!,.               

The TV's Freakzoid Shipping To Freakzoid To Royal Wood A Location Where Is A Hero What Help To Lincoln Loud With The HandUnit A Robot Hero What Is The Companion's Freakzoid with The Help 10 Sisters's Lincoln Loud.


Season 1 (2016)

  1. Freakzoid in Left in the Dark
  2. Freakzoid in Get the Message
  3. HandUnit in Heavy Meddle
  4. Freakzoid in Making the Case
  5. Freakzoid in Driving Miss Hazy
  6. HandUnit in No Guts, No Glori
  7. Freakzoid in A Tale of Two Tables
  8. Freakzoid in The Sweet Spot
  9. HandUnit in Project Loud House
  10. Freakzoid In Tents Debate
  11. Freakzoid in Sound of Silence
  12. HandUnit in Space Invader
  13. Freakzoid in Picture Perfect
  14. Freakzoid in Undie Pressure
  15. HandUnit in Linc or Swim
  16. Freakzoid in Changing the Baby
  17. Freakzoid in Overnight Success
  18. HandUnit in Hand-Me-Downer
  19. Freakzoid in Sleuth or Consequences
  20. Freakzoid in Butterfly Effect
  21. HandUnit in The Green House
  22. Freakzoid in Along Came a Sister
  23. Freakzoid in For Bros About to Rock
  24. Coming Soon...

Season 2 (2016-2017)

Season 3 (2017-2018)

Season 4 (2018)


Main Characters

  • Freakzoid is the Hero or Protagonist The TV Series.
  • HandUnit A Robot Hero What Is The

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