(the episode begins at the loud house, where up in Lori's and Leni's room, where all the siblings minus Lucy are having a sibling meeting. Lori takes off her left shoe and use it at a gavel)

Lori: okay everybody! Today we have a very special sibling meeting. Lincoln has the floor.

(Lincoln got up and talked to the sisters)

Lincoln: As all of you probably now, we know each other while growing up, within each of our age there's one thing we never ever knew....

(Lynn interrupts)

Lynn: that we never understood why Lori doesn't go to a doctor to find out about her flatulence problem?


Lincoln: No! Not that! I'm talking about Lucy's eyes. As far back as me, Lynn, Luan, Leni and Lori can remember, no one has ever seen her eyes.

Lana: that's what it meaning about? Lucy's eyes. I'm missing a giant mud puddle for that?

Lincoln: hear me out guys! When I discovered Lucy's baby book in the Attic, I know that's that all of the photos had her eyes cover, even as a baby she wore that hat. Don't you guys ever wonder what kind of eyes she has?

(All the sisters then leave through as Lincoln try to stop them. The scene then change to the next morning, where Lori is waiting in line to use the bathroom, when suddenly Lucy came out, wearing a gray robe and wearing a black tower that cover her eyes, which gives Lori a concerned face. Next Is the Luan, who we practicing Her balloon animal tricks, when she noticed Lucy hanging upside down like a bat, but with her eyes still cover, which gives Luan a concerned face. Cut to late at night as Lynn prepared to sleep and sees Lucy enter her coffin and sleep, then a few minutes later Lynn sneak a peek into a coffin and waves her hand back and forth to see if Lucy is awake or not. She didn't close the coffin door and headed back to her bed, but instead of sleeping she gave a concerned look. The scene then changed to the next day as all the siblings, minus Lucy, are having a meeting)

Lori: Ok everybody! I think Lincoln's right about Lucy's eyes.