Emilio Navarra is a supporting character of The Luxurious Loud House. He is a friend of Richard Loud III and the youngest child of Don Carlo Navarra.


Emilio was born on November 15, 2005. He is the youngest son of Mafia boss turned businessman Carlo Navarra. He is friends with Richard Loud III and the Loud family. He plays on Richard's soccer team, the Royal Woods FC.


Emilio is athletic and competitive like his friends and enjoys playing sports. He is a very nice boy who treats others with respect like his father. He loves his family and cares about them despite his disdain for their criminal activities.


Emilio is an Italian-American 11 year old boy with dark brown hair parted on the right side of his head and combed to the left side of his head and is around Clyde McBride and Charles McBride Jr.'s height. He wears a dark blue track jacket with white stripes on his sleeves. He wears black track pants with white stripes and black sport shoes with white stripes.