Delores Vanderbilt "Lola" Loud is a main character of The Luxurious Loud House.


Lola was born on January 1, 2010, she is the third youngest child of Lynn R. Loud and Rita Loud, the middle child of Richard's younger sisters, and Alana's younger twin sister. Her most annoying habit is looking in the mirror.


Delores, like Lola, dresses and acts like a princess, she has interests in anything girly such as fashion shows, makeup, and posing for photo shoots, and can be as narcissistic as her older brother, Richard. However, her Catholic faith makes her much more compassionate and loving to her siblings, she can get angry occasionally but has better control of it. She has a high disdain for Cute N' Mean awards, regarding it as going against God's will and a work of Satan. She enjoys her family's company and is more capable of humility and selflessness.


Like TLH version of herself, Lola has blonde hair worn down, and also has a tuft of her hair pointed to the right, she is missing her two front teeth, and also wears her princess attire, which is different than TLH Lola, it is a long pink gown with a red sash. She has two gold earrings, pink high heels, and a tiara on her head with a cross in the middle, which represents her as a devout Catholic.