DHMIS: The Loud House Edition (or shortly DHMIS: TLHE), is a spin-off of The Loud House and a parody of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.

Differences Between TLH and DHMIS: TLHE, 

Both, The Loud House and DHMIS: THL have notable differences, listed below:

  • The Loud House has mild cartoon violence, however, DHMIS: TLHE has intense cartoon/fantasy/realistic violence, including blood, gore, deaths and realistic bloodshed.
  • The Loud House has content for all ages, however, DHMIS: TLHE has mature content (which means is not suitable for children and toddlers).
  • Due to being a parody of DHMIS, DHMIS: TLH haves various teachers.
  • The Loud House has not scary content, but DHMIS: TLHE has scary content.
  • The Loud House has normal episodes and haves a short film released in 2013, however, DHMIS: TLHE has no normal episodes. It simply haves various short films.
  • DHMIS: TLHE maturity could be classified in teen content.


  • Lucy Loud: She returns from The Loud House, this time taking the role of Red Guy.
  • Lincoln Loud: He returns from The Loud House. He takes the role of Yellow
  • Lynn Loud: She returns from The Loud House, taking the role of Duck.
  • Donnie the Drawing Deck: He is a new character on this spin-off, he takes the role of Sketchbook.
  • Charles the Clock: A new character that takes the role of Tony the Talking Clock.
  • Mr. Loud: Unlike in The Loud House, his face is shown. He takes the role of Roy.
  • Shirley the Butterfly: He takes the role of Shrignold the Butterfly.
  • Bartron the Tablet: He takes the role of Collin the Computer.
  • Craig the Globe: He takes the role of Gilbert the Globe.
  • Bane the Banana: He takes the role of Steak.
  • Jeremy the Fish Can: He takes the role of Spinach can.
  • Coconut: Takes the role of Bread.
  • McFridge: Takes the role of Fridge.


Name Release date N. of characters N. of deaths
DHMIS: TLHE October 2, 2013 4 No one
DHMIS: TLHE 2 November 28, 2013 5 3 (only in hallucination)
DHMIS: TLHE 3 December 5, 2013 8 1 (only in hallucination)
DHMIS: TLHE 4 January 12, 2014 6 1 real death
DHMIS: TLHE 5 March 8, 2014 6 1 real death
DHMIS: TLHE 6 August 27, 2014 20+ 1 real death