Comedy Leaves is the 1st episode of (Loudest Adventures) Series.


The loud family hates comedy. So they plan to..KICK OUT LUAN LOUD?! Dad doesn't know about because he's at the mall.


The episode starts at lincoln's room. Reading his Ace Savvy comics. As Lucy suddenly falls from the celling. Telling that she wants lincoln to fix the fridge. Her poem book is stuck in the fridge because some MAXIMUM GLUE kept the fridge's door stuck. He smells it. And it smells like SQURTING FLOWERS and BIRTHDAY WRAPPERS. Makes him suspicious. And lincoln said LUAN LOUD did this. But he got to save lucy's poem book.

At night. The loud family, except luan and dad. Woke up and went into the living room. They tip-toe down the stairs. And discuss about kicking luan loud out. In the morning. Dad is making breakfast. All of the loud kids woke up. Except for luan. Luan sleeping is making their plan is more easy since she is unconscious. They move luan loud out. They throw her out the house. And her stuff too. She woke up. And finds put that she's outside! She tried to open the door. But is locked. She knocked the window as a sign for unlocking the door. But they glared at luan loud. Then, they laughs. Then she walks away with her stuff to towm. As dad is finished. They suddenly got scared... Dad gets angry when he went to the living room. He forces everybody to go to the car and find luan. But they don't know where luan went. Where did she go? How would they find luan?


  • This episode is known as a new start for the series.
  • This is the first episode that has a two part.

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