Clown and Outting is the first/pilot episode from the first season from The Luan Loud Serie.


The Loud family goes to a fishing day, so Luan makes pranks when the fishin' is gone.


The episode begins with the Loud family going in Vanzilla to the river where they can fish, Lincoln says it is an incredible experience because they will go fishing, eat and even take a walk in the river in addition to camping, Luan does not know what to do until Luan appears , Who tells him to make jokes this day, Angel Luan tells him that is not correct, but Luan follows the devil Luan.

In the river, they find a bridge and they begin to fish, Luan thinks that joke to do and it occurs to him, is simple, Luan will be fishing, but of a tree and it picks the trousers to Lincoln to him and later it hangs in the Tree.

After that, she begins to swim under the bridge so she joins the hooks of the fishing rods of Lori and Lincoln. As soon as Lincoln accidentally catches Lori, she pursues him.

Luan then finds a lunch spot calderon that says "fish fat", so he decides to put it on the table a little, the Loud family goes to lunch place, but the "taper" of Lincoln slides towards Luan.

Then the Louds stay camping in their tents, but Luan comes out of his tent and puts fish in Lincoln's tent.Lincoln wakes up scared.

Afterwards, Luan decides to put a fish in Lincoln's pants by having him dance at breakfast time, all the people start to dance like him.

A week later, in the house, the Loud family announces another trip but Lincoln fears to go because he thinks that they will pass to him


  • The title is a pun with the Gene Deitch's Tom and Jerry cartoon, Down and Outting, also that short is focused on a fishin' theme.

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