Clara McBride is a main character in The Loud House.


Clara is Clyde's younger sister and Lincoln's girlfriend. She feels like the only child often, because she's the only girl in the McBride family-but luckily she came along the Loud family. Clara sometimes speaks to the viewer about how she feels about the Loud family's crazy antics and around Lincoln.


Clara is a tomboy-both willing to use makeup and wrestle with the boys. She gets along with all Lincoln's sisters-earning a respectful place in the Loud family. Like Lincoln and Clyde, she has a passion for comic books, video games and science fiction movies.

Unlike her brother, she doesn't think before she acts, often getting into stunts of her own-only to be saved by either a Lincoln sister, Clyde or Lincoln. Despite their parent's wishes, she eats whatever she wants, not caring if it'll get her in trouble.

Nick Description

"Clara is Lincoln's best friend and girlfriend. As the only girl in her family, she spends her time with the Loud family-often finding herself gawking at Lincoln. She finds it hard to express her words on how she feels about Lincoln, but somehow the two make special moments out of this."