Carlo Navarra is a supporting character of The Luxurious Loud House. He is a Cosa Nostra Mafia boss who became a legitimate businessman after Pope Francis called on Mafia members to repent.


Carlo Navarra was born on January 3, 1967 to Carmine (1937-2009) and Rachel Navarra. His father, Carmine, is the Mafia Don of Royal Woods. In 1988, Carlo made his bones and became a made man. In 1997, he became underboss for the family, and in 2007, his father retired and Carlo became Acting Don. In 2009, Carmine was killed in Los Angeles by being thrown off the balcony of a hotel suite and Carlo officially took over as Don of Royal Woods and Carlo retaliated by killing the assassin responsible, Johnny Fiorentino. In 2014, Carlo watched a video of Pope Francis' speech calling on Mafiosi to repent. Feeling remorse for his actions, Carlo decided to make moves towards legitimizing his family. He used his wealth obtained from both inheritance and crime to redeem himself through many philanthropic acts. As a result, the Royal Woods crime rate starts to decrease and become very low.


Carlo is a loving family man who cares deeply about his family and is willing to protect them. In his past years as a mobster before becoming a legitimate businessman, Carlo was ruthless, cold, and calculating. He is shown to be very murderous and vengeful when he killed Johnny Fiorentino as revenge for his father's death. However, after watching the Pope's speech which tells mafiosi to repent, Carlo repented and became more warmhearted, benevolent, and good-natured.


Carlo is an Italian-American male with dark and graying brown hair combed backwards. His hairstyle somewhat resembles Michael Corleone from The Godfather franchise. He wears a black suit with a white collared shirt and a black and white striped necktie and wears light grey dress shoes.