Bomb Message is the twenty-second episode of Season 4.


Lola sends a sequence of bomb messages, which result in loss of popularity.


This is the story about an 8-year old girl named Lola. While reading a nosy magazine, she had the ocurrence of inventing her own about all her family. She decides to start with her twin sister, Lana. Lola spies her while she was eating trash again. Lola started texting saying Lana doesn't has anything to eat, indirectly difaming the family. The next day at the school, all readed Lola's message. With fear of being spied by her, her friends start to go away. Lola didn't bother too much at the start, because she thinks that she can get others. At the home, Lana decides to move with Lincoln, because she doesn't wants that Lola continues publishing more secrets.

Later, she catches Lynn eating boogers at a corner. After she publishes that, at the school everyone start to go away further. But it doesn't stops there. Results that she catched Leni reading books about fashion history (somewhat smart for her). Lola decides ignore that one because isn't something bad as well. But she also saw Lisa having a life outside the house, well almost. She spied on her when she was exiting a convention center about wood history. At publishing, Lola's known people unknown her.

This don't stopped Lola to still nosying. It's more lethal weapon was towards Lincoln, which note was about the faked on Ronnie Anne, and he was a secret boyfriend with another girl (instead of the others, this is totally fake, because Lola has run out of real notes). When Lincoln enterates, he ignores her (at first).

As revenge method against Lola, the others decide spy on her doing something shameful and indignant. They decide follow her at other of her pageants. Hidden in plants, they hear Lola screaming, while adults try to calm her. That adults were the judges of the pageants, who gave Lola the first place to stop screaming (I ruined you the plot from 'A Tattler's Tale'!). When Lola exits, the siblings stop her, saying they will publish her secret unless she deletes the other notes. Lola decides to do it, unless she won't be able to compete again, and she will be grounded for a year. At the end all stop enterating of the notes. END.

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