Bobby-o and Lori-et is a Loud House episode/story idea that involves Bobby and Lori's romantic relationship being tested when Lori's father forbids her from seeing her boyfriend Bobby after having a falling-out argument with the Santiago Family.

The title is pun based on the romantic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet.

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1: The Perfect Picnic Plan

Chapter 2: A Family Get-Together

Chapter 3: Clyde's Scheme: The Loud/Casagrande Feud Begins

Chapter 4: Forbidden Love

Chapter 5: The End of Clincoln McCloud

Chapter 6: A Secret Reunion

Chapter 7: Bobby's Plan

Chapter 8: Think of a Shorter Name For This Chapter

Chapter 9: The Great Elope Escape

Chapter 10: The Journey Begins...

Chapter 11: Begin OPERATION: Guardian Cupids

Chapter 12: Caught Red-handed

Chapter 13: Framed!

Chapter 14: The Truth

Chapter 15: Lincoln the Hostage

Chapter 16: Incarnations and Interrogations

Chapter 17: Jailbreak!

Chapter 18: To the Rescue!

Chapter 19: Couple vs. Criminals

Chapter 20: Til Death Do We Part?

Chapter 21: Together Forever