Anne Vanderbilt Loud is a main character of The Luxurious Loud House.


Anne was born on February 18, 2001. At 16 years old (formerly 15), she is the third oldest child of Lynn Loud I and Rita Loud, and a member of the socially prominent Loud family. Her most annoying habit is speaking in a British accent.


Like her eighth cousin Luna L. Loud, Anne is a wild, caring and joyful girl herself and is the loudest sibling of the wealthy branch of her family. She enjoys singing, playing musical instruments, and being with her family.


Anne, like her eighth cousin, has brown hair styled into a pixie cut and has purple eye shadow, however, unlike her eighth cousin from The Loud House, she has no freckles. She wears a purple t-shirt with a skull, a plaid purple skirt, a grey belt, and high purple boots. However, also unlike her eighth cousin, she wears a gold chain around her neck.