Alana Vanderbilt Loud is a main character of The Luxurious Loud House.


Alana V. Loud was born on January 1, 2010. At 7 years old (formerly 6), she is the fourth youngest of Lynn R. Loud and Rita Loud, Delores' older twin, and a member of the wealthy Loud family. Her annoying habit is playing in the mud.


Like her eighth cousin, Lana, Alana is also a tomboy, contrasting her twin's more girlish personality, and loves to play in the mud and getting her hand dirty, however, Lana is more gentleman like and cultivated. She particularly has a disdain for anything that is too filthy or uncivilized for her, such as digging out trash, eating dog food, etc. However, like her eighth cousin, Lola L. Loud, Lana has the most volatile temper of the old money Loud siblings, but unlike Lola L. Loud, Alana has better control of her temper.

She is also an expert plumber and also has the ability to fix things.


Alana had blonde hair worn in two pigtails tied down with red scrunchies, and she also misses her two front teeth like her twin, Delores, and also wears a red baseball cap. However, unlike Lana, she wears a grey suit and blue clip-on tie along with black shoes.