Ace Savvy is the main protagonist in The Adventures of Ace Savvy and Friends . He is the leader of his team. Ace Savvy is Lincoln's superhero form.


He is a very smart, independent and curious superhero. He is great at solving what's hard to get,


He is smart, independent at has very powerful leadership. He leads the team in case to fight and capture an enemy.

Powers and Abilities

Here are the list of Ace Savvy's abilities:

  • High Intelligence

He is smart enough to figure out a plan for the team.

  • Great Leadership

He can lead the team.

  • Card Summoning

He can call the rest of the gang by throwing his card.


  • Ace Savvy is the leader of the group.
  • His closest sidekick is One-Eyed Jack
  • Whenever he's the leader, but he's afraid of his own sidekick, Queen of Diamonds.

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