A Santiago's Story is a spin-off of the Loud House created by Ice Bear Phantom. It focuses on Ronnie Anne Santiago, her relationship with Lincoln, and her struggles with her meddlesome parents.


Main Cast

Ronnie Anne Santiago- The main character of "A Santiago's Story". She enjoys pranking people as a sport and playing video games. She is also a former bully.

Lincoln Loud- Ronnie Anne's best friend and boyfriend. They share a similar passion for video games. Ronnie often visits Lincoln's house.

Bobby Santiago Jr.- Ronnie Anne's older brother.

Mr. Roberto Santiago Sr.- Ronnie Anne and Bobby's father

Mrs. Delila Santiago- Ronnie Anne and Bobby's mother

Recurring Characters

(These characters appear often, but are not part of the main cast)

Lori Loud- Lincoln's oldest sister and Bobby's girlfriend

Luan Loud- Lincoln's older sister and Ronnie Anne's pranking mentor

Xeno- Ronnie Anne's cat introduced in "Pet Smart"

Chandler- A popular school student, who is now a full-time bully

Minor Characters

(These characters often appear as background characters, with larger roles occasionally)

The other Loud Sisters- Lincoln's older and younger sisters. They have less common appearances than Lori or Luan.

Rusty Spokes- School student and member of a bicycle gang

Episode Log

Episode 1- Pilot/Lincoln's Visit

Ronnie Anne has to write a report for school about her life./Ronnie prepares for a visit from Lincoln.

Episode 2- Sisterly Advice/Book Club

Ronnie gets advice from Lincoln's sisters./Ronnie's parents make her participate in the neighborhood book club.

Episode 3- A Bully is Bullied/Candy Crush

A new bully intimidates Ronnie Anne./When Lincoln receives Valentine's candy from another girl, Ronnie Anne gets suspicious.

Episode 4- Pet Smart/The Tournament

Ronnie's parents buy her a cat to calm her nerves./Ronnie Anne plays in a video game tournament.

Episode 5- Arcade Mania/It's No Picnic

Ronnie Anne and Lincoln win a gaming pass to Gus's Games and Grub./Ronnie is set up on a picnic date with Lincoln.

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