A Loud in the Clouds is the ninth episode of Season 5.


Lincoln daydreams of saving people, as everyday people do.


One night, Lincoln has imsomnium. He doesn't can go to sleep because he ate too much that afternoon, and even after watching a six-hour documentary about yarn, the sleep doesn't reaches him. He lies on his bed, thinking in how he could be a superhero like Ace Savvy. Obviously, Lincoln is aware he hasn't real powers, so he thinks in how to be a powerless hero.

He thinks in situations in which a despiadated crazy guy is needed to resolve the conflict. He thinks in something related to a cat trapped in a sewer (because a cat trapped in a tree is too mainstream). Lincoln buys a ladder, and goes down the sewer to search for that cat. Said cat entered in a duct that goes to the Loud residency. Lincoln tries to chase it, but the cat scratches him and starts to attack him. Lincoln exits the place because he still has common sense.

The cat thing didn't work, so he thinks in something more probably to happen. A fire inside a kitchen. As all the firemen are on strike for lack of trucks and hoses, Lincoln offers to turn off the fire. After putting the protector suit, Lincoln enters to the house to see if there's someone inside the building to release it. It results there was a young woman inside her room, which was locked with key. Lincoln manages to rescue her alive. He goes to the kitchen to turn off the fire for once with an extinguisher. When analizes the reason of the fire, it's visible that someone elevated the oven's temperature to 5000 ºC, believing that way, the dinner for that day would cook faster.

Now you will ask, who was the young woman who was rescued. When Lincoln sees the ambulance, he notices that woman was Bonnie. Lincoln suddenly awakes, thinking it's better not to be a hero. The dream also affected Bonnie, who dreamed being as a damisel in distress about to be saved by a handsome fireman. The dreams crossed, and the next day, in one of their fights about Clyde, both promise to fake nothing of that happened.

The New Loud House
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