A Loud Future is a Loud House spin-off focusing on the future children of the Louds. It was created by Ice Bear Phantom. The spin-off is still in development.


Ice Bear Phantom- Creator, Lead Writer

Additional Writers:

-Title Card Artist


The future children of the Loud siblings conquer life's many challenges, much like in the original Loud House.


Due to a large character total, not all characters may appear in each episode.


Elizabeth Santiago-

Parents: Lori and Bobby

Rei McBride-

Parents: Lynn and Clyde

Leo McBride-

Parents: Lynn and Clyde

Landon Loud-

Parents: Lincoln and Ronnie Anne

Louise "Lou" Loud-

Parents: Lincoln and Ronnie Anne

Lars Loud-

Parents: Lincoln and Ronnie Anne

Edwin Spokes-

Parents: Lucy and Rocky

Marie Cornheiser

Parents: Lisa and Dylan Cornheiser


Lori Santiago nee Loud-

Bobby Santiago Jr.-

Leni Lockheart nee Loud-

Mason Lockheart- Leni's husband (from The Louder House)



Lynn McBride nee Loud-

Clyde McBride-

Lincoln Loud-

Ronnie Anne Loud nee Santiago-

Lucy Spokes nee Loud-

Rocky Spokes-



Lisa Cornheiser nee Loud-

Dylan Cornheiser- Lisa's husband (mentioned in the Loud House episode, Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru)

Other Characters/Relatives

Rusty Spokes- Rocky's older brother, uncle of the Spokes children

Lily Loud- The Loud's youngest sister, not married yet


Episode 1: Pilot/TBA

The cousins meet up at a family picnic./TBA