76 Gas Stop es el decimosexto episodio de la Temporada 4.


Lincoln has to pee in a gas station during a trip, but the men's bathroom has a long line.


The Louds are going in a trip to the forest. They have all ready to leave, since tents, bottles, canned food, lanterns, etc. Before leaving, Lynn Sr. says if anyone has to pee. All answer that no. Once said this, all ride Vanzilla, and go by the highway.

Some kilometers away they stop in a gas station, because they need to pee. Lincoln runs to these, but there's a very long line. Because he doesn't has all day for wait, he tries to get in.

  • The first he tries is take a plant and stand behind it and rise it. The trick was successful, but he accidentally get in the women's bathroom. They see him, and punch him, exiting.
  • Later he tries to dig a tunnel to pass below the bathroom. But he lost the orientation sense, and he ends in a cliff. The cliff breaks and Lincoln falls.
  • Later he uses Luan's fake dynamite. He lights it, and that scares the line. Lincoln takes it before the line suspects, but results the TNT was real, and explodes in his face.
  • Eventually he disguises of a robber. For his bad luck there were policemen at the gas station, and they mistake Lincoln with a real robber. They almost arrest him, but the sisters saved him at time.
  • The final method he uses is distract the men with money and candies. When they took them, Lincoln runs to the bathroom, and he success to pee. When he exits, the men notice he went in, and they start to chase him. Lincoln manages to escape in Vanzilla luckily. But he forgot the men were truckers. And they chased him in their vehicles.
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