1 vs. 10 is the eighteenth episode of season 1.


8 of the 10 (yes, this time I'm counting Lily as entire instead of half) Loud sisters, turn berserk thanks to an experimental fail.

Before Resuming...

Notice something different on the card to the right? Yep, MrYokaiAndWatch902 got the credit of writer for suggesting me an idea for this 3-part episode. (Check it in the blog: In search for ideas).

Part I: Quest for items

One day, Lincoln is returning home, but when he enters, he sees (almost) all his sisters turn into berserk. Scared, he runs to his room, but Lisa pulls him to her room. He asks why the girls are blue. Lisa answers that all was a failed experiment. She was making a potion that she believed to leave bald people. Lisa tested the potion draining it in the sisters water. But not resulted. Instead, she maked all her sisters turn blue, with super red eyes, and zig-zagged teeth (thanks MrYokai). She found a shelter in her room, and when Lincoln 'entered', she was glad that he was not a berserk. So the two siblings need to find a cure. First, they need to get all the necessary ingredients to make the antidote: Lettuce, Milk, Hot Sauce, Garlic, and Chocolate (to neutralize). Fortunately, all that items are in the fridge. So Lisa encharges Lincoln to go stairs down, and bring the ingredients. When he goes down to the kitchen, he's terribly decepcionated, because all the berserk sisters ate all the food. For their good luck, Lana had eaten all the five ingredients together, that maked she go back to normal. Lincoln runs to save Lana from the berserks, and takes her to the street. A few houses away, Lana asks Lincoln why all her sisters are blue, and why he puller her that way. He tells her the full story, while running to the store. Some minutes later, Lincoln arrives to Lisa's room, where she put the ingredients on a table. Also Lincoln showed her that Lana is back to normal, only to hear noises at her door. The three siblings hide in the closet, but the berserks were not stupid, and searched there. They grabbed Lisa and Lana. Before turning berserk, Lisa tells Lincoln to mix all the ingredients to rescue the family.

The New Loud House
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